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A platform that brings together people, processes, apps and the ways in which they interact together in order to assess and improve productivity and wellness

Business operating platform for productivity and wellness.
Enterprise Suite of varied tools, apps and integrated solutions
No-Code Playbook to automate repetitive tasks at scale.
Personal Assistant to optimize, and assist in tasks through voice and bots.
Technology driven health and productivity solutions

Aggregate, analyze and assist via a no-code, ML driven platform

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Productivity & Wellness

Know thyself. Understand your habits and patterns of work to advance personal and career goals, improve health and increase happiness.

Business Process Automation

Reduce the churn. Integrate a variety of business apps and software, utilize templates, no-code connectors and elaborate playbooks to efficiently automate complex workflows

Engagement & Collaboration

Bring together people, processes and apps to efficiently collaborate. Utilize targeted surveys, consolidate feedback, and automate decision making. is for everyone

And here are some of those we help.

Sales Executives

Enhance CRM through integrations with business apps and traditional/social media. Gain insights, increase predictability and discover opportunities.

Software Engineers

Reclaim your time, develop good work habits, and prioritize efficiently.

Project Managers

Improve release cadence and streamline engineering efforts. Take advantage of interaction capabilities to better co-ordinate and trouble-shoot threats to product delivery.

Support teams

Never miss an SLA. Reduce churn, speed up resolution and mine social media and communication channels for trouble hotspots.

HR Executives

Gauge sentiment, assess mood across your org and improve communications. Engage your workforce with targeted initiatives and realistic feedback.

Technology will assess when people have worked too much and when they need to recharge by monitoring their biorhythms, nutritional requirements and exercise needs.
Employees’ productivity could be higher if I&O leaders could help them achieve a mental state called cognitive flow throughout the day..
With the advent of big data and new research by research firm and others, organizations can finally draw the connection between a positive employee and candidate experience and revenue
Employees will develop personal toolkits of virtual doppelgangers (think of them as virtual counterparts) with the help of AI software and devices that fulfill aspects of their personal or team-based activities

A force multiplier for business apps

Link your apps together to exploit cross-app synergies and deliver value. Experience a common platform to ingest information from apps, schedule and trigger elaborate use cases through app actions, and deliver comprehensive insights through dashboards, voice assistance and more.

Universal data ingestion capabilities

A knowledge hub driven by deep learning

Business process automation via Low-Code
Personal assistance through conversational AI

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