The Team

Group of avid enthusiasts who have spent decades working on technology and its applications. When we left Samsung, we did so with a mission in mind. Over the years, we watched as trusted colleagues and family/friends succumbed to health issues that appeared seemingly "out of the blue"; these were individuals who to all intents and purposes made efforts to balance their work lives with their health. Out of these tragedies came a lot of soul searching and many hours of research, interviews, discussions.

Through all these, we came to the realization that there was a hidden pandemic here, just as insidious as the current crisis gripping the world but more subtle and far-reaching; the data told us that that working professionals the world over where grappling with an enemy that could only be exposed over time. The realization that workplace stress has an outsized impact on wellness AND productivity; that its effects are cumulative, that there existed the need for combining tools and technologies with the insights gained from analyzing working professional's work patterns and providing guide posts to restoring balance was critical to overall well being and would not sacrifice productivity in the long run... this was a revelation.

We believe that the time and effort we have put in over the years gives us a unique perspective on this problem, and we believe that the platform and the services we have built over it will serve as crucial tools in the days to come to empower people all over the world to achieve a work life balance that improves wellness outcomes and increases happiness everywhere.