Build a culture of productivity

Unleash the power of AI to deliver crucial insights and deliver sustainable success in the digital workpace.

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Transform common enterprise apps into AI-powered super apps

Exploit a range of AI models tuned for app enhancement

Gain value from the start out of your common enterprise apps

Advanced analytics that allow you to track success metrics for enterprise apps, and expose opportunities for improvement

Exploit synergies in enterprise apps to accomplish quick but complex interactions to deliver a desired outcome

Leverage the power of AI to improve workplace productivity and engagement

Provide long term analyses, predictions and recommendations to track, enhance and sustain productivity

Generate actionable recommendations to improve workplace behavior for better results

A robust and powerful scoring system that allows you to accurate assess and correct (where necessary) workplace practices, patterns of behavior, and commitments in order to maximize productivity

An AI powered automation system employing contextual workflows

Build workflows on context that leverages the entirety of the data, analytics and learnings from your workplace

Activate through real-time events or based on queryable information, enabling complex scenarios that integrate both parallelism and trigger-driven decision points

Integrate sources, events, and outcomes outside of the ecosystem through custom connectors and entry points

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